Marginal Sentry

Amongst frustrated whites who long to be accepted without conviction from non whites, are beginning to realize being on top has it’s setbacks. As some try to adjust their thinking to not spend their lives in guilt mode, a cry out from the so-called save the white race faction, spring up to implant malicious rhetoric in the minds of those whose trying to amen, even to include them, to wonder if they’re wasting their time trying. Unfortunately the white person who welcomed politics just for the team colors, will usually avoid social state of affairs that’s important, so they don’t realize it makes them prey to their own kind.  There are many episodes in history, that will show the life of a white person, wasn’t as great as they try to exhibit today.  

As slavery became a social tug of war, into a war, whites still lived by the double edge sword. Many lived on opened land, penniless, in wagons, in fear of marauders, who would murder them in their sleep, for a can of beans and coffee.  There were not only incidents from the onslaught of Indians [native American], because they were infringing on them, but sometimes being in the wrong place, to avoid the armed skirmishes between cattle owners and sheep herders. Besides, bank, stagecoach and train robberies, whites lived in utter chaos, not to speak of the many unlawful hangings many times for minor reasons. As modern times approached, diversity began to show it’s head, so they joined hands.

When Jim Crow intensified, they determined the only way they could deal with their shortcomings and anxiety, are on the bodies and backs of insignificant beings, who were eventually deemed the minority, sadly in our quest to erase a stereotype and become a productive source, we  couldn’t defend ourselves from most negative things that affect them, to bounce on us. They voted into office, some of the most reprehensible individuals. Most were burdens to our chance to improve our lives. The legal system infringed on the stability of the black family, first by tainting the future of  the father. This have allowed them to beat us down further to be inconsequential. Although on the upside, bigotry and racial prejudice still exist, we’ve been able tolerate it, to continue towards becoming an independent functioning group of people, but it has also kept the peace between whites who are rarely happy with their good fortune.  Although they are quick to complain and tally up crime within the black neighborhood, the senseless killing of children in schools, have gone almost silent to reason.   So we are that safeguard, we are the people who take all their hits, instead of kicking the dog when things aren’t going so good.   


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Retired officer NYC Correction and Supreme court. Prior columists for Published Author.

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