Staging of America

Although staging has many meanings, for this article it’s presentation. It’s the way you exhibit whatever you’re selling, or trying to impress to other’s using visual information. Americans are masters of deception and staging has become an art. As people cross the border, land here by plane or boat, the vision of this country through their media daily, may have created inner exhilaration for many to pack a bag. Unfortunately in a short time observing what’s real, the reality is like the misrepresented hamburger at the fast food restaurant, neither the look or taste will suit them.
I say this with reluctance, man or woman even those who occasionally have some reason to be adamant, may make an effort to change. On the other hand, I have always believed people don’t change, because it’s imbedded in their genetic program. They may make some adjustment in their character, if they believe consequences are evident, but many relapse back into their true demeanor.
The country has been bombarded with people from other places, who believed their perception of America, is the place they must be to live a more happy life, but after being here a while, many realize they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, because they have no other place to go. Although advertisements are necessary, since the true purpose is to promote and sell products, unfortunately the imagery and politics often brings some of the worse to these shores. The dreamers come here for a better life, the schemers, scrutinize the law to see if they can manipulate it in their favor, as they build inner criminal networks.
Ford, Chevy and the other American auto manufactures have improved on their vehicles, where today they are admired even by the unqualified to be autos of quality. Long term efforts from the past and future have helped change and improve the industry. On the other hand traditional thinking whites whose central theme is provoked by so-called Values, are still stuck on a concept, fueled by the conviction of someone who left them nothing to build on after their death.
Conclusion: No where is it written, or carved in stone, that whites are superior to anyone. Yet the language passed down from generations, allow many to believe they were chosen, but the single thing that negates it, is death.

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Retired officer NYC Correction and Supreme court. Prior columists for Published Author.

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