He who follows blindly, will often suffer the consequences. This isn’t a quote from someone famous, it’s the way I evaluate situations when or where this may occur. For the longest time, the President argued about the need to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. With strong adamant words, he said Mexico would pay for it. Yet with little or no apprehension, when the poles opened to vote, people of Mexican and Latin decent, pulled the level in his favor. Of course some may give their reasons, but in return he showed how thankful he was. I don’t have to go further with this, since new circumstances are being felt today by the innocent. The majority of people who helped to put the President in office, didn’t decide to do it because they believed he was the best politically, it was because he’s a well known personality or his celebrity, remembering him from his television show the Apprentise. Although I’m someone of age, I’m not stuck in the past. You don’t have to be highly educated to want to learn what will or won’t affect you or your family. When you are preoccupied with anything that offers no benefit, most of the time it will return to challenge your judgement. People who voted for the President, who couldn’t give a sensible reason why they did it. To show they made the right decision, their excuse is, people should give him a chance. What’s ironic, the larger percentage of the vote came from white females. Approximately 30 years ago, there was another situation where a group of people followed someone. Unfortunately they ended up in a more tragic situation. It was the rhetoric of a self proclaim minister people chose to follow, which ended in their death. It was known as the Jonestown Massacre. Historically there have been many more situations, but why read or speak of them if those circumstance taught nothing to people today. The danger living in a society where people are spontaneous for the wrong reason. They usually respond to what makes them feel good, not what’s best for them, so responsible individuals will usually suffer the consequences also.

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Retired officer NYC Correction and Supreme court. Prior columists for Published Author.

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