American Democracy or Hipocracy

Dating back as far as known history can take us, any truth about America, has been left out or changed. With that, I must say this article is directed towards Europeans, because they are in control of the American society and they constantly remind us they are.

An earlier lie:
After the settlers landed here, the onslaught of a culture of humans that was already here, wasn’t to learn from them, it was to remove or enslave them.
As time passed, the claim from whites, Indians were savages, only hid the continue slaughtering of those who were lucky enough to escape before being caught.

Although I believe I have a reason to show the controlling side of white America, the worse part is some believing after their infractions upon them, they would change since most of their ancestors would be gone. Ironically the inner personalities of their ancestors, was probably passed down through their gene pool, because various accomplishments that have made life easier for most or growing social diversity, have changed little about them.

Reading the many documents from the Constitution to the Bill of Rights. Comparing what you read, to what you may see, openly reveals the Hipocracy of this nation.

The hatred, bigotry, political corruption, criminal activity has probably pushed this country to the bottom of the better country list. What contributed to it, was using the efforts of unscrupulous, corrupt individuals from places where things were already in turmoil. Remember the followers of the crooked cross ideology wasn’t developed in America, it rode here on the personalities of Europeans

Regardless if they were scientist, military personnel or the like, this was a major behind the door activity, after the 1st and 2nd would war.

Although organized crime was and still considered one of the most notorious activities in this country, what hurts the average person, is how they control most or everything that affect their  lives. But organized crime isn’t the only thorn in side of Democracy. The Iran contra incident. The drugs from that incident, where did it go? Probably in minority communities. The lack of civility, for the less fortunate, was seen when lieutenant Oliver North, never went to jail. Drug sales and use in those communities, have filled the prisons.  There is no equality in this country for people who are different from whites. The way some police departments handle the black community, shows how they can react individually to do what comes natural from the majority of whites. I was listening to someone on a television station recently, who said we shouldn’t be surprised with what’s going on in this country lately. He said it shows how America has always been. From the leadership, to the person who voted them in office, the color of America is Gray.  On an honest note: The person who said it , was white.

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Retired officer NYC Correction and Supreme court. Prior columists for Published Author.

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