Marginal Sentry

Amongst frustrated whites who long to be accepted without conviction from non whites, are beginning to realize being on top has it’s setbacks. As some try to adjust their thinking to not spend their lives in guilt mode, a cry out from the so-called save the white race faction, spring up to implant malicious rhetoric in the minds of those whose trying to amen, even to include them, to wonder if they’re wasting their time trying. Unfortunately the white person who welcomed politics just for the team colors, will usually avoid social state of affairs that’s important, so they don’t realize it makes them prey to their own kind.  There are many episodes in history, that will show the life of a white person, wasn’t as great as they try to exhibit today.  

As slavery became a social tug of war, into a war, whites still lived by the double edge sword. Many lived on opened land, penniless, in wagons, in fear of marauders, who would murder them in their sleep, for a can of beans and coffee.  There were not only incidents from the onslaught of Indians [native American], because they were infringing on them, but sometimes being in the wrong place, to avoid the armed skirmishes between cattle owners and sheep herders. Besides, bank, stagecoach and train robberies, whites lived in utter chaos, not to speak of the many unlawful hangings many times for minor reasons. As modern times approached, diversity began to show it’s head, so they joined hands.

When Jim Crow intensified, they determined the only way they could deal with their shortcomings and anxiety, are on the bodies and backs of insignificant beings, who were eventually deemed the minority, sadly in our quest to erase a stereotype and become a productive source, we  couldn’t defend ourselves from most negative things that affect them, to bounce on us. They voted into office, some of the most reprehensible individuals. Most were burdens to our chance to improve our lives. The legal system infringed on the stability of the black family, first by tainting the future of  the father. This have allowed them to beat us down further to be inconsequential. Although on the upside, bigotry and racial prejudice still exist, we’ve been able tolerate it, to continue towards becoming an independent functioning group of people, but it has also kept the peace between whites who are rarely happy with their good fortune.  Although they are quick to complain and tally up crime within the black neighborhood, the senseless killing of children in schools, have gone almost silent to reason.   So we are that safeguard, we are the people who take all their hits, instead of kicking the dog when things aren’t going so good.   


Staging of America

Although staging has many meanings, for this article it’s presentation. It’s the way you exhibit whatever you’re selling, or trying to impress to other’s using visual information. Americans are masters of deception and staging has become an art. As people cross the border, land here by plane or boat, the vision of this country through their media daily, may have created inner exhilaration for many to pack a bag. Unfortunately in a short time observing what’s real, the reality is like the misrepresented hamburger at the fast food restaurant, neither the look or taste will suit them.
I say this with reluctance, man or woman even those who occasionally have some reason to be adamant, may make an effort to change. On the other hand, I have always believed people don’t change, because it’s imbedded in their genetic program. They may make some adjustment in their character, if they believe consequences are evident, but many relapse back into their true demeanor.
The country has been bombarded with people from other places, who believed their perception of America, is the place they must be to live a more happy life, but after being here a while, many realize they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, because they have no other place to go. Although advertisements are necessary, since the true purpose is to promote and sell products, unfortunately the imagery and politics often brings some of the worse to these shores. The dreamers come here for a better life, the schemers, scrutinize the law to see if they can manipulate it in their favor, as they build inner criminal networks.
Ford, Chevy and the other American auto manufactures have improved on their vehicles, where today they are admired even by the unqualified to be autos of quality. Long term efforts from the past and future have helped change and improve the industry. On the other hand traditional thinking whites whose central theme is provoked by so-called Values, are still stuck on a concept, fueled by the conviction of someone who left them nothing to build on after their death.
Conclusion: No where is it written, or carved in stone, that whites are superior to anyone. Yet the language passed down from generations, allow many to believe they were chosen, but the single thing that negates it, is death.


He who follows blindly, will often suffer the consequences. This isn’t a quote from someone famous, it’s the way I evaluate situations when or where this may occur. For the longest time, the President argued about the need to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. With strong adamant words, he said Mexico would pay for it. Yet with little or no apprehension, when the poles opened to vote, people of Mexican and Latin decent, pulled the level in his favor. Of course some may give their reasons, but in return he showed how thankful he was. I don’t have to go further with this, since new circumstances are being felt today by the innocent. The majority of people who helped to put the President in office, didn’t decide to do it because they believed he was the best politically, it was because he’s a well known personality or his celebrity, remembering him from his television show the Apprentise. Although I’m someone of age, I’m not stuck in the past. You don’t have to be highly educated to want to learn what will or won’t affect you or your family. When you are preoccupied with anything that offers no benefit, most of the time it will return to challenge your judgement. People who voted for the President, who couldn’t give a sensible reason why they did it. To show they made the right decision, their excuse is, people should give him a chance. What’s ironic, the larger percentage of the vote came from white females. Approximately 30 years ago, there was another situation where a group of people followed someone. Unfortunately they ended up in a more tragic situation. It was the rhetoric of a self proclaim minister people chose to follow, which ended in their death. It was known as the Jonestown Massacre. Historically there have been many more situations, but why read or speak of them if those circumstance taught nothing to people today. The danger living in a society where people are spontaneous for the wrong reason. They usually respond to what makes them feel good, not what’s best for them, so responsible individuals will usually suffer the consequences also.

The comfort of “Time” serves the weak

If you’re black and you’re over 50, you should remember whites saying Negroes are only capable of running and jumping, so their chance to go further in any sport was questionable. They also said, our abilities were limited to what they called the Ghetto Life at the time.
We had limited intelligence and within communities, there were more black children being born out of wedlock in the black communities.
The most ridiculous was saying our music was ungodly. When disco began to grow and black dance clubs began to open all over the country, it also meant black music was selling and playing on the radio stations more than theirs, so they found a way to abolish disco. Further up the so-called social intellectual ladder, it was deemed because of our alleged laid back demeanor, we were people who were happy, besides needed to be taking care of.

It’s no miracle, but “Time” has shown none of what they said was true. Seeing the possessive personality of whites, if “Time” was a material commodity, they would try to control and own it.
Fortunately, “Time” isn’t and it’s shared by all. Whites who often face moments of anxiety, are individuals who care little or nothing about it. They often proclaim, VALUES to be their bandage for life.
Anyway, those benefitting from it, are people who understand in life “Time” has to be considered, because it’s the component that offers no chance of recovering from responsibilities or transgressions, so the subjugation of people of other races and creeds, has no essence in its exploits, to boost whites to superiority, since their “Time” on earth is as questionable as others.
Prehistoric animals became extinct because the more powerful animals ate all the small and weaker animals, not knowing the only meal that would be available someday, would be themselves. When you have no consideration or understanding for what can provide what you need to live, you will sometimes unknowingly sacrifice self. When this land was opened to settlers, the Buffalo, fur animals and trees almost became extinct. If there were no humans for them to kill, there’s a good chance it would have happened. When everything you touch seemed to die, you must step back to examine what part you played in its demise. The more serious demise is the culture of the white race, since calling themselves white seem to let them believe their existence sets them above all others.
As new immigrants from Europe come to this country, they may discover in “Time” the trip here will serve no purpose, since most of the character of this nation seem to remind them of the Fatherland.

American Democracy or Hipocracy

Dating back as far as known history can take us, any truth about America, has been left out or changed. With that, I must say this article is directed towards Europeans, because they are in control of the American society and they constantly remind us they are.

An earlier lie:
After the settlers landed here, the onslaught of a culture of humans that was already here, wasn’t to learn from them, it was to remove or enslave them.
As time passed, the claim from whites, Indians were savages, only hid the continue slaughtering of those who were lucky enough to escape before being caught.

Although I believe I have a reason to show the controlling side of white America, the worse part is some believing after their infractions upon them, they would change since most of their ancestors would be gone. Ironically the inner personalities of their ancestors, was probably passed down through their gene pool, because various accomplishments that have made life easier for most or growing social diversity, have changed little about them.

Reading the many documents from the Constitution to the Bill of Rights. Comparing what you read, to what you may see, openly reveals the Hipocracy of this nation.

The hatred, bigotry, political corruption, criminal activity has probably pushed this country to the bottom of the better country list. What contributed to it, was using the efforts of unscrupulous, corrupt individuals from places where things were already in turmoil. Remember the followers of the crooked cross ideology wasn’t developed in America, it rode here on the personalities of Europeans

Regardless if they were scientist, military personnel or the like, this was a major behind the door activity, after the 1st and 2nd would war.

Although organized crime was and still considered one of the most notorious activities in this country, what hurts the average person, is how they control most or everything that affect their  lives. But organized crime isn’t the only thorn in side of Democracy. The Iran contra incident. The drugs from that incident, where did it go? Probably in minority communities. The lack of civility, for the less fortunate, was seen when lieutenant Oliver North, never went to jail. Drug sales and use in those communities, have filled the prisons.  There is no equality in this country for people who are different from whites. The way some police departments handle the black community, shows how they can react individually to do what comes natural from the majority of whites. I was listening to someone on a television station recently, who said we shouldn’t be surprised with what’s going on in this country lately. He said it shows how America has always been. From the leadership, to the person who voted them in office, the color of America is Gray.  On an honest note: The person who said it , was white.

The open mind

Living in a country where many have grown today accepting truth as a second thought. This is for anyone who fall within this category.
Should we or could we assume when King James decided to rewrite the holy book, it was to bare penitents for all the bad things he had allegedly done in his past, or was it to demonstrate his arrogance being king and white. If the latter was true, than there must be a reason a percentage of whites today choose to believe his writings, since they may equate his ethnic identity to be equal to all truths. But it would also seem logical to make certain changes, knowing the laws of the original book was more exact regarding wrongdoings. But few ever question it, since it was he who chose to change what was in the old book. But for what purpose. Was declaring it to be new a way to leave an untainted legacy. How would he be conceived by parishioners today, knowing he wasn’t God. But again since it was he who chose to write his own bible, whose to say he didn’t believed he was a figment of God, because of entitlements. Regrettably immortality wasn’t one of them. This should lead to more questions. Has anyone proven God suggested or had any part in telling him to modify or remove any of the annotations from the original bible.
I’m not an atheists or disbelieving of a deity more powerful than God, but I don’t believe because man has been able to gain certain spiritual elements of knowledge, he has the right to alter what was and always seen sacred to add his beliefs as truths.   Strange,  but powerful people always find a way to sway truth in thier favor. With eyes opened, it’s should be easy to see  some who claim God spoke to them usually reveal some measure of entitlement, which the devotee seem to prefer to overlook. That’s the same reason religion has become more of a habit, than a lifelong process of checks and balance. 
But now I’ll get at what I’ve been trying to, it’s this thing called Values, that has nothing to do with a persons religious beliefs or race. That’s why I feel those who constantly lecture about it, are usually in conflict with their own integrity. Fortunately few are capable of writing new manuscripts to disguise their discord. But yet some will still equate success to ethics. Unfortunately suggesting it is polarizing, because their case and point is sometimes directed at those where the chance of success has always been limited……………..From the most humble of individuals to the most astute, we all learn to uphold some principles if we consider the likely consequences of us failing to apply it during our lives. Yet we’re still faced with the illicit psychic that seems to ponder in the character of powerful people who should be better examples and have more reasons to display true values. So hearing someone of that type suggesting morality as a means to our needs, it’s say’s they are just using rhetoric to conceal their past or future transgressions. 

Many tea party advocates say they feel deeply about their religion. Oddly their association and sometimes manner of participation sets their actions contrary to the way their bible suggests. Few may have pushed aside the reading that was necessary, since it’s not only what you do that can determined imminent consequences; its also what you think and say. Unfortunately this has allowed the most bigoted of that group to persist in keeping up the slander against so-called minorities. 

Would believing Jesus Christ is white give them more of a right to do it? The question may sound silly, but it seems to have a valid point with many who carry signs and yell racial obsenities.      If I got the chance, I would ask the most passionate, why is it okay to convey ill feelings towards people who often have been in this country all their lives and not wonder why a good portion of the world feel the same way about them? I would also ask, if they are hoping to rid the country of everyone that’s non white? If it were possible there would surely be constant turmoil, civil and otherwise since they have shown there are few things they can agree on without conflict. But this could be dangerous because it could also allow those who want to destroy this country a chance to do it with ease. Without a doubt the cushion of white America has always been the people they labeled minorities. They are the people they hate and blame when things are going bad in their lives. It’s like the slave owner blaming the slaves because his yearly crops were meager. 

But here’s something not so religious, although many conquests was in it’s name. Few whites may realize from the beginning of time their forebears has been generally migratory besides invasive of land and cultures. So I’ll ask; if the gates of Europe suddenly reopened and there were pleas and heartwarming rhetoric from the church and politicians suggesting all whites who were the result of many hundred of years of nomadic passage”Please come home”. Would any choose to leave, believing their lives would be better because ethnically they have more in common? Of course it’s a hypothetical notion. So here’s another question, what country are some arguing to take back? This is for those who freqently use social and political idioms, before spending a little time to understand them. If there was never any degree of socialism in this country, few would have anything they often claim to be theirs.  To conclude; although it was demonstrated during the Jim Crow period, lies and bias rhetoric adding other conditions was necessary to the ruling establishment.  Sounds familiar?    The risk today is how it allows the most powerful to wittingly rearrange the society and to a greater extent economics where the probability of all citizens could eventually face conditions similar to 3rd world populace. For the disbelievers, most of the negativity isn’t against the rich or poor. It’s aimed at the middleclass which have always helped to maintain this nations sovereignty.